Student Involvement

CUB Auditorium
Past Speakers

Al Roker |  Fall 2015

Television personality Al Roker will touch on the multi-facets of leadership, his career, and inspire viewers to strive for excellence. This event will be telecasted and is open to any and all students.


Kevin Pearce | Spring 2014              

You might not know the name Kevin Pearce, but he was, for a time, one of the world’s greatest athletes of his particular sport: snowboarding. Kevin has a riveting story to tell – a story so profound as the realities of his brain injury are brought to life once again.


Emily Hunter | Spring 2014

Emily Hunter is an environmental author and filmmaker based in Toronto, Canada. Born into the environmental movement, her father was the late Robert Hunter, first president of Greenpeace and her mother, Bobbi Hunter, the first woman to save a whale by blocking a harpoonist at sea. For nearly a decade Emily has reported from the frontlines of global environmental campaigns, from the Sea Shepherd ships saving save whales in Antarctica to the rainforest of Borneo waging a media battle against the palm oil industry.