Student Involvement


Establishing a student organization at Washington State University is a simple process and can happen at any time throughout the school year.

We only ask for a few things:

1. Do Your Research
We want to make sure there aren’t any duplicate clubs, so we ask that you check out our list of clubs. If you don’t see anything similar to what your club wants to do, move on to step 2.

2. Find Your People
At least four club members are required to establish an organization. Members and officers must be currently enrolled WSU students.

3. Identify a Club Advisor
Advisors can be faculty, staff, or graduate students with teaching, research, or graduate assistantship at WSU. Advisors must fill out the Advisor Agreement form once per academic year, per club they advise. 

4. Attend Officer Training
Two RSO Officers must complete an in-person officer training every year. Contact us for dates.

5. Create the Constitution
This document establishes your organization’s name, mission, and philosophy, and sets policies and procedures related to your members, officers, meetings, elections, and other functions that may be unique to your organization. Download a constitution template on Coug Presence

6. Make it Official
Visit our student engagement platform and complete the registration process.

Please contact our team with any questions.

RSO Manual

Questions about your RSO? This manual will help your RSO get on the right track.

View the RSO Manual on Coug Presence