Student Involvement


Who are we?

For over 100 years Student Involvement has provided a foundation for students to shape their lives, professions and societies. We believe that student involvement creates a transformative out-of-the-classroom experience.

Students are challenged to develop their own ideas, critically analyze perspectives, work as a team to find innovative solutions, and anticipate the impact of their decisions within a learning environment.

Employers recognize student involvement as an essential part of gaining real world experience. Students will also advance their skill sets, expand their network beyond the University, and define their WSU experience that ultimately leads to bigger opportunities in the future.


Our vision is that all WSU students are challenged to participate beyond the classroom.


Student Involvement inspires and empowers students and organizations to prepare for life after Washington State University through meaningful involvement.


Positive and Safe Environment | We value spaces that are conducive to a positive student experience, professional work, and sustainable practice, as well as environments that allow all students to feel safe, welcomed, and supported.

Excellence and Innovation | We value staying current on issues affecting students, as well as improving and building upon current programs. We strive for local, national, and global awareness that informs future goals and progress in an effort to ensure we continue to meet the needs of students. We value using innovation and creativity to address current and future issues.

Open Communication and Respect | We value open, honest, and transparent communication, believing that communication involves clear dialogue and active listening to ensure respectful relationships.

Inclusiveness | We value diverse perspectives and the role of diversity in individual and community development. We strive to provide and encourage inclusion of all people.

Integrity and Accountability | We are committed to upholding the values and responsibilities of the University while developing an office focusing on guidance, creativity, encouragement, mindfulness, patience, and understanding; and being accountable to students as well as our local and global communities.